Marketing Plans

“If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.”
—Anonymous Proverb

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is avoiding the temptation to leap directly to tactics.  You know what we mean — “We need a brochure.”  “We need an ad.”  “We need a web site.”

At JAM Marketing, we believe tactics need to map back to specific objectives to ensure every marketing dollar is spent effectively.  That’s why we strongly urge our clients to start with a marketing plan. 

The purpose of the plan is to define in detail the objectives to be achieved by the marketing program and the strategy and tactics to achieve them.  The marketing plan serves as the blueprint for the marketing campaign. 

A marketing plan could be the best investment your organization makes.  A well-designed plan, with fully explored objectives and strategies, saves time and money in the execution phase.  Without a detailed plan, any marketing program runs the risk of moving too quickly to tactical implementation, which can result in costly missteps. 

Gone are the days of lengthy plans that sit in a notebook on a shelf.  JAM Marketing will work with you to develop the plan that meets your needs, at a price you can afford

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