Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you do this kind of work?

A:  Yes.  If it’s related to marketing, JAM Marketing can do it.  JAM Marketing President, Judy Michaelson, works on every project and, as needed, brings in partners whose quality of work in graphic design, public relations, event management, and market research meet the high standards we demand for our clients.

Q:  Can you meet my deadline?

A:  Have you ever met a marketing project that didn’t have a tight timeline? It’s the nature of the beast.  We’ll work together to ensure your projects are delivered on time and exceed your expectations.  Our reputation depends on it.

Q:  How do you charge for your services?

A:  In general, we work on a project basis.  We discuss your project and present you with a proposal outlining the scope of work and the flat fee for executing the work.  No matter what it takes to complete your project, that flat fee is what you’ll pay.  We can work on an hourly basis if you prefer, but we think the client generally benefits from a flat fee. 

Q:  Do you ever work on retainer?

A:  Yes. We have worked for clients as their outsourced Director of Marketing and their sole marketing support.   Supplementing your limited in-house marketing resources through outsourcing can represent a significant cost savings for you.  You pay for the work, but not the overhead associated with adding staff – office space, benefits, management, etc.  We agree on a scope of work, approximately how many hours we’ll allocate to your business per week or per month, and then we quote you a flat figure.  Retainer contracts are generally for a minimum of three months.  The longer the period of commitment, the better the rate you’ll receive.

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