General Business

Whether you’re planning to launch a new service, want to strengthen your brand identity, or need to re-position your company or product to respond to changes in your competitive environment, here’s what JAM Marketing brings to your marketing challenge:

  1. Experience learning about new businesses to minimize start-up time.  You’re busy selling your products.  You don’t have time to explain to a marketing firm what you do and the challenges you face. As president of JAM Marketing, Judy Michaelson brings to your project her more than 20 years of experience working with a variety of businesses to understand their markets and how to better position them for growth and success.  We learn fast and can hit the ground running on your marketing project.
  2. Flexibility of resources.  With JAM Marketing, you don’t pay for more than you need.  Although JAM Marketing is a sole proprietorship, that doesn’t mean Judy always works alone.  As needed, we pull in partners to assist in areas such as graphic design, public relations, event management, and market research.  Each of our partners also has experience working with all types of businesses.  You get the expertise and resources you need without the overhead associated with a traditional agency.
  3. Proven track record.  JAM Marketing’s client list includes businesses representing a variety of industries.  Many of these clients have done multiple projects with JAM Marketing.  To learn more about why clients selected JAM Marketing, please contact us and ask for our Reference List.
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